Turns a group of images into a rotating circular gallery similar to Apple's coverflow effect.
The imageflow library must be downloaded and installed at: sites/[whatever]/libraries/imageflow
Note "imageflow" is all lowercase
Imageflow (in core) - Libraries
Colorbox - Field Collection - Link - Views
  • Supports multiple instances (Object-oriented)
  • Easy implementation (Unobtrusive JavaScript)
  • Compatible with all graphical browsers
  • Supports all image formats
  • Supports big amounts of images (>100)
  • Dynamic reflections (server sided via PHP)-100% JavaScript (but the reflections)
  • Scrollbar and Mouse wheel support
  • Loading bar
  • Captions
  • Supports image links
  • Scales 100% dynamically
  • Implementation by div Tags
  • Supports the iPhone and iPod Touch
  • Slideshow new
  • Circular modus new
There are 5 out of 16 issues still open and there is 1 bug out of 6 still open. 
This module is pretty nice module it can do a lot of things and it also currently has field formatters for images, field collections, and media (media not tested yet). A field collection enables users to group image/link combinations.
Views support allows adding image fields and link fields. The link fields will get applied to your images automatically. Just add them to your view.