An Introduction to the Man Behind the Team



We thought that since this was our first interview with a team member, it should be with the man that brought us all together. Roger is the owner of New Valley Media, as well as one of our lead developers.



Q: How long have you been doing Drupal?


R: I have been working with Drupal since 4.6, back in the days of flexinode ( in the wild west days before cck and field ui.


Q: What first got you interested in Web Development and/or Drupal?


R: I actually worked for a newspaper who had started to adopt the platform as a way to promote their radio stations and websites. My choices at the company where either Drupal or their own templating language and to be fair, Google knew Drupal so away I went.


Q: What are your specialities or things you like to do best?


R: I think I'm at my best as a problem solver. I like to think through an issue and try to find the straightest road to the solution without painting anyone into a corner technically. I really like making useful projects that are easy to use and limit the amount of technical skills needed to be productive. Oh, and never hard code text. It will change and you will have to do it again, so I'm a settings/configuration heavy developer to put it nicely.


Q: What is your favorite way to contribute to the Drupal community?


R: Truly one of my favorite things to do is to teach and talk. I love going to camps and talking about problems and coming up with solutions to users problems and hopefully helping give them the tools to go back and make the most of their Drupal project.


Q: What has been your favorite project @ NVM?


R: I have so many really. The relationships are the fun part for me, getting to know people and understanding how I can help make their jobs easier or more productive really keeps me going. I have made many lasting relationships throughout my time at NVM that I couldn't single out a specific project. Working on a variety of projects from large to small helps keep me sharp and motivated.


Q: Before coming to NVM what was the most interesting or unusual job you’ve had?


R: I would have to say test track driver for John Deere. Sounds like a super cool job but it is actually full of 12 hour days in the sun digging holes for half a day to turn around and fill in during the second half of the day. There is nothing like a soft bed after a full day moving a pile of rocks 100 yards back and forth.


Q: If you were not doing what you do now, what would be your profession of choice?


R: I really don't know, I'd like to think in the technology field but I come from a long line of carpenters and I really do enjoy building something from raw materials so maybe construction of some sort.


Q: What do you like do when you're not at work?


R: I enjoy a lot of things like old cars, woodworking, spending time with my friends and family and I've been known to share a cold one in a crowd now and again although, I tend to make sure everyone else has theirs before I have mine.


Q. Name one country you would love to visit.


R: I'd really like to go to the UK. I have a number of friends there that I have been meaning to drop in on for a long time now and I feel I am very over due for that trip.


Q: What’s your fave flavor of ice cream?


R: I'm mostly a chocolate person, but I can do some damage on a bowl of panda paws as well.


 - Interviewed by Michelle Minier, Client Services Specialist